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SYNEXXUS Attending IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition for Launch of New Product

Dallas – May 3, 2016 –WEIDMANN Electrical Technologies Inc. has teamed up with
SYNEXXUS Inc., a leading provider of integrated systems for the U.S. military, to develop and
produce the most comprehensive transformer health monitoring and security system solution in
the market. The new WEIDMANN InsuLogix® VAULT is the first solution of its kind to bring
together transformer condition monitoring, controls, and substation security in a cyber-secure
platform that exceeds NERC security requirements, all in an integrated, interoperable, and
extensible hardware and software architecture. The InsuLogix® VAULT meets or exceeds U.S.
Department of Defense requirements for development, sourcing and production of technology
driven products.

As part of the product launch, WEIDMANN is proud to announce that Delta Star, Inc., one of
the leading medium power transformer manufacturers in North America, is the first manufacturer
to develop a secure, intelligent power transformer based on the addition of the new InsuLogix®
VAULT and WEIDMANN SmartInsulation™. Delta Star expects to begin shipping smart,
secure power transformers and mobile substations powered by the InsuLogix® VAULT in the
Q4 2016 timeframe.

The InsuLogix® VAULT promotes interoperability through its ability to run both WEIDMANN
and third party developed applications in a cyber-secure software platform. It is designed to
accept input sources from the widest possible array of third party devices, monitoring equipment,
and physical security tools, such as cameras and access control systems.
Advanced cyber secure software running on the InsuLogix® VAULT integrates inputs from
WEIDMANN and other intelligent electronic devices used in monitoring and controlling
electrical assets and yard security in electrical substations. Key features include the monitoring
of transformer operating condition, control of cooling, alarms, recording of events such as
through-faults, AC metering and power quality, local weather, and physical security – including
live video and event triggered video recording. The InsuLogix® VAULT controller is a
compact, solid state device impervious to physical damage and electronic intrusion with proper

The InsuLogix® VAULT features the ability to optimize the transformer’s utilization rate by
helping to find the acceptable balance of insulation loss of life and risk. The system uses
WEIDMANN OPM™ and eNamePlate™ software that can simulate and help plan various
dynamic loading scenarios before a critical loading decision is made. The results of that decision
in terms of the actual loss of life are then calculated and communicated to the user. InsuLogix®
VAULT can be optionally configured with WEIDMANN’s SmartInsulation™ system of fiber
optic sensors embedded directly in the windings for measuring Temperature, Moisture directly in
the insulation, and winding clamping Force (TMF), to generate critical transformer health
information along with the monitoring of bushing, DGA, LTC, and a wide range of ancillary
intelligent electronic devices.

To see the InsuLogix® VAULT, visit us at the IEEE/PES Transmission and Distribution

Conference in Dallas, Texas, May 3-5 at WEIDMANN booth #2247 and Delta Star booth #2235.
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WEIDMANN Electrical Technology is the leading global supplier for insulation, logistics, and
diagnostic products and services for the utility and transformer OEM markets. For more
information, please go to or contact Jurg Brunner, One Gordon
Mills Way, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819 (802) 535-5716.


SYNEXXUS is a Northern Virginia-based company that provides technical expertise and
engineering support to the defense industry, intelligence communities and the commercial sector.
For more information, please go to or contact Mike Hurley, 2425 Wilson
Blvd, Suite 400, Arlington, VA 22201, (866) 707-4594.

Delta Star, Inc.

With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, Delta Star, Inc. is the leading producer of
power transformers and the premier manufacturer of mobile substations in North America. For
more information, please go to or contact Jason Greene, 3550 Mayflower
Drive, Lynchburg, VA, 24501, (434) 845-0921.

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